These Are the Reasons Why You Should Buy Nonstick Cookware

With the fast – paced life, maintain a good cooking and eating habit is a task of challenge. Using the ingredients and how to cook them in a healthy way is always harder than you can imagine. That’s the reason why there are more and more modern technology as well as innovated kitchen appliances introduced to housewives so as to make their cooking become easier and faster but still can assure the best nutrition components. Among all those devices, nonstick cookware plays an important part because of the material and the way it contributes to the human health protection.

In this post, I won’t tell you much about nonstick cookware buying tips and tricks, or some cooking methods with this type of kitchen device, I will instead dig deeper into the reasons why you should have yourself the best nonstick cookware in your kitchen.

best nonstick cookware

Green Nonstick Cookware – A New Generation

Since people always want to cut down on the amount of oil and grease using in cooking, nonstick cookware is quite a reasonable solution. It helps housewives in reducing the amount of additional lipid from butter and oil so as to make the dishes become less in fat and tastier. Recently, with the growing demands in nonstick cookware, there are many types of products from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. That is the reason why choosing a good set of nonstick cookware is harder than ever.

In spite of the fact that nonstick cookware plays an important part in our cooking habit, there are still some problems with it. As you may know, traditional nonstick pans and pots are normal kitchen devices coated on the surface with Teflon – a compound chemical that make the surface to be nonstick and slip. The chemicals are not friendly with our physical condition if used regularly without any precautions. That’s why the green nonstick cookware was invented as a proper substitution.

You might have heard about the problems caused by traditional nonstick cookware to our health – all the toxics in the air when heated, some bad chemical passed onto the food when cooking and other environmental problems. All of them can be solved with green nonstick cookware – a new generation in nonstick technology.

Green nonstick cookware – in short definition – is the kitchen devices made be Teflon – free materials. Manufacturers keep all the benefits from previous versions of nonstick cookware and have better effect to our mental and physical conditions. It works better with high temperature with no bad effects.

Green nonstick cookware

Some Benefits From Nonstick Cookware That You Might Not Know

Basically, using nonstick cookware will save you a large amount of oil putting into the food. In fact, it use the grease from meat as the main source of fat to cook thus enhance the taste and get rid of bad smell. Nowadays, obesity has been such a problem not only for adults but also children at any age. The amount of lipid needed for body has been provided too much.

Using nonstick cookware is the best way to save the time cleaning and tidying your kitchen. You don’t have to worry about some bad dark spots caused by fire or some food stuck in the sides of the area. They cause so many troubles for housewives to clean all of them. However, you should know that nonstick cookware need some special requirements when cleaning.

  • You should not use sharp cleaning cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the cookware.
  • Don’t use the dishwasher to wash the nonstick cookware. The strong detergent may ruin the surface of your cookware because it’s quite vulnerable to cleaning chemicals. In addition, the dishwasher often uses very hot water as well as strong pressure that might damage the coating area especially the center of your pans and pots. That’s the reason why you should clean your cookware with warm water by hand so as to avoid any damages.

Nonstick cookware is one of the most helpful kitchen appliances for everyday utilizing. Beside of the benefits, you should aware of some hidden consequences from this type of cookware and know how to prevent them. You should see some reviews and guides about cookware made of this material so that you will have more information about cheap sets and how to buy them for the best compatible with your kitchen.

Your Breakfasts Would Be Amazing With the Toaster Oven

Have you ever heard about the toaster oven? Some of you might have seen it before. It’s definitely a toaster with some functions of an oven with smaller size. The main function of this machine is toasting food with the help of heat and timing, but it can do much more than that! Imagine you can prepare your breakfast for a whole month with just a little machine called toaster oven, and all of them are very mouth – watering that can’t be resisted. In addition, this type of kitchen appliance is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out your best convection toaster oven and get ready to be stuffed with the beautiful and full of nutrition breakfast dishes every day!

best convection toaster oven

Preparations and Equipment

You can’t make anything without preparation. Getting the tools and equipment for the cooking process plays an important part in every meal. Using them in compatible with the toaster oven has a little bit different. You can’t use the same tools as you’re using for the oven because of the difference in size and functions. That’s why we should prepare a new set of tool that is specially used for the toaster oven.

  • Cookie Sheet: The regular sheet for basic ovens can’t fit into the toaster oven, so you have to buy something else that is designed just for the machine. An 8×11 – inch – cookie sheet is going to be perfect for regular size of this type of mini oven.
  • Muffin tins: People often use 12 – muffin – tin because it is the best number of muffin for a family, but with toaster oven, you just can’t put all of them inside. Even the regular 6 – muffin – tin can’t be matched either. You should choose the thin material for the tin so as to reducer the side areas of the muffin tin to put all of them into the toaster oven safely.
  • Bread pan: You probably have seen the size of the regular bread loaf as well as its pan, and it just can’t be put into the toaster oven. It’s a bit larger than the actual internal size of the mini oven. So what do we have to find? The answer is the 10×5 – inch – bread pan for the best compatibility.

Becoming an expert in using the toaster oven might not be as hard as you think. However, this is just the beginning of the challenge. You have more than that to learn!

Let’s Head To The Breakfast With Toaster Oven!

Breakfast with toaster oven

  • The first thing I want to introduce to you is a well – known food from Italia – pizza. Who can resist a mini – sized pizza for breakfast? Most of you might think that pizza is only for lunch, but if we can adjust the amount of ingredients, this dish is definitely the one that we want in the morning before commuting to work. The pizza with eggs and a little bit of vegetables would be a perfect substitution for a traditional English breakfast. In fact, the amount of protein, vitamin and fiber inside a piece of pizza is more than you can imagine and enough to ensure a day full of activities.
  • Combining food rich of protein with nuts and vegetables is a good idea: Before going to work, a sausage with some figs would be the best way to refresh your day. It’s very quick to eat, portable and clean. In addition, the amount of lipid, protein and minerals like Omega – 3, potassium or calcium is very rich in nuts like figs or peanut. And of course, no one can get away from the attraction of a hot sausage and some nuts – a deadly sense of taste.

So you have known some of my best recipes for breakfast using the toaster oven. Of course, this is just a little part that I want to introduce to you before going to the main topic. Cooking with the toaster oven is very quick and fun. As long as you keep trying, your heat and time control competence would be improved greatly and you’ll become a master at no time. Have fun cooking! 

Easy Pressure Cooking Style

If you are a big fan of home cooking, you may realize the diversity of different methods of even just the same ingredients of foods. It is so many cooking styles of chefs as well. You might know about Chinese, Korean, Greek or Italian dishes. Each type of cuisine has its unique flavor can not be forgotten. You can make the special meals with various kinds of appliance such as the high quality stoves, good ovens, and best pressure cooker.

best pressure cooker
Best Pressure Cooker

Some of people like to enjoy their cooking style in just one or several certain areas of being experts where as the others are particularly keen on becoming better rounded and discovering how unique of different cooking techniques of various cultures. There are some of great ways to look for specialize of the pressure cooking. Here is where it is revealed.

Suffer From the Sources of Cyberspace

It is the fabulous way to know and gather the identified cooking technique. On the internet, it is so easy to find out the good sources about what you are really into about any particular area in detail and intricacy. These websites are the amazing information and suggestion for you to learn new recipes and preparation techniques. Pressure cooking dishes have the high level of diversity. In other words, it is the perfect choice for people who enjoy making various tasty and nutritious dishes.

Follow Cooking Guide Books

Cooking Guide

For some, they do not completely rely on the online recipes. They feel more comfortable when reading cooking guide books than online tutorials. That is due to the fact that the internet is too daunting. Another reason for it is that they want to hold the guide book on their hand or just put it nearby while cooking. It is also not difficult at all to look for favorite books from the countless book stocks nowadays. The thing you should make an attention is seeking for the particular recipes that you are enjoy for the pressure cooker available. Choose one of the cooking guide books to enhance you collection at home and try taking the recipes. It would be better to take it at least several times to get the best results. It would be fine if you are not perfectly following the guideline. However, the important thing is you will more completely improve your personal cooking skills and also create your own style on making dishes.

Enjoy Personal Experience

Have you ever though that there is a recipe named by you?

It will be your reality if you enjoy personal cooking experience. There are a lot of people who love to make their own recipe and then share it and bring the strong passion on cooking to many people. Are the people same as you? By looking for ways to enjoy their pressure cooking, they will find out numerous genius tips to cook faster and more professionally. For staying the foundation of basic level, what you need is the best pressure cooker and some needed kitchen utensils. Because of its simplicity, pressure cooking is extremely simple and quick; it would be more interesting to find a friend who is passionate on cooking and has more experience with this kind of cooking techniques. Sharing your own recipes together is also not the bad idea. The tips helps you a lot to learn fast new recipes accurately. If having some things wrong, you can ask the composer of the dish in person and revise it immediately.

pressure cooking

Sharing recipes is a great way to learn new dishes and techniques. Be sure to ask them for tips on cooking those recipes and what they might do to make cooking with their pressure cooking easier. If you have the time, join forces and create a dish together or better yet, come up with a completely new and creative dish that the two of you can call your own.

The more you try the better you become. This is the shortage way leading you to the success of this field. It is sure to say that all excellent chefs are undergone these challenges on their way to the wonderful achievement. Cooking is not only the task of housework but it also the enjoyable thing and brings your new wind in the busy life today.

Beef Roasting Ovens

roasting ovensThe typical commercial kitchen used to be fitted with one or more deck ovens. They were just one level high and were sized to take two or more of the standard 18 X 26-inch rectangular sheet pans. The difference between a baking oven and a roasting oven was simply the height of the drop-down door. Roasts take up more vertical space than baked goods. Two or more were stacked to save space, but they still took up a lot of room. Operations that did a lot of their own baking could opt for a ferris wheel type oven that produced more per square foot than the cumbersome decks.

The oven usually supplied under the range top was used for miscellaneous menu items and seldom for more than one roast at a time. Temperatures inside a range oven, just as in your oven at home, are not precisely consistent even though they are thermostatically controlled. The thermostat probe senses only a small parcel of the air in the oven and warm air rises. The re-arrangement of the shelf position, depending on the food product, was a constant chore.

Then came the invention of the forced convection oven. An electric fan circulates the heated air throughout the cavity. Unlike the one-layer deck oven, the convection oven allows several rack positions and all the food is cooked in virtually the same time. The idea was to provide more oven capacity in less floor space, and the concept worked. However, two other extraordinary side benefits accrued. Foods can be cooked at temperatures about 50[deg.] F lower and in about half the time.

It was determined that as food is cooked in a static hot air oven, the water molecules at its surface are constantly evaporating, producing a film of moist cool air. This boundary layer is an insulating barrier that slows down heat transfer. The high speed wind in a convection oven continuously sweeps this blanket away for faster, lower temperature cooking.

This method does wonders for meats such as roast beef because of two factors.


  • First, the lower heat dramatically reduces shrinkage. (The higher the heat, the greater the shrinkage). Meat is mostly water and as the connective tissue shrink, they literally wring the natural juices from the product.
  • Second, the meat is subjected to heat for a shorter period of time which means less loss of volatile flavors and nutrients due to evaporation.

By the way, the versatile convection oven is also used for baking. There are many brands and sizes from cabinets that take a roll-in rack to small countertop units.

But, if an operator is really serious about roast beef, there is an even better procedure. It’s called slow roasting. Instead of heating up an oven to 400[deg.] F, the slow roast cabinets cook at only about 200[deg.], then automatically turn themselves down to a safe holding temperature of 140[deg.]. The roasts can be left in the oven until ready for serving or can be transferred to other holding cabinets or refrigerated for later use. A common procedure is to start the roasts before the kitchen closes at night. They’ll be ready for serving in the morning.

Since the heat is so low, there is very little shrinkage and the product retains most of its natural juices and flavor. But something more magical also happens.

Meat is mostly water held together by a network of connective tissues. There are two types of these fibers. One is called “collagen” with fibers of varying lengths which appear white in quantity. The other is “elastin” and is yellow in color with its fibers in branches.

Older animals contain more of these tissues and are tougher. Animals that have been allowed exercise also have more of these fibers and are graded lower. However, there is a natural process that actually turns the tougher collagen fibers into gelatin. This tenderizing action takes place at low cooking temperatures that allow the natural enzymes in the meat to soften the fibers. The elastin fibers stay in place so that a firm yet tender product results.

There is no cooking procedure that attacks the elastin fibers. Not even boiling or steaming. However, commercial tenderizers do digest both types of connective tissues and will produce a mushy product if left on too long. They should be used on flat cuts, such as steaks, just before cooking.

Components And Characteristics Of  The Oven

  1. Convection ovens can be ordered with a special set of optional controls which include a second timer and thermostat. One set is for the cooking time and temperature and the other for holding.
  2. The slow cook and hold cabinets, designed specifically for that purpose, are available with probes that measure the internal temperature of the meat. Some have electronic digital readouts that constantly display the internal temperature of the roast as well as the temperature of the air in the cabinet.
  3. Some cabinet ovens are fitted with casters for mobility. This allows freedom in kitchen planning so that they can be wheeled into position when needed or stored out of the way while other tasks take their space. These electrically operated ovens do not have to be placed under ventilation hoods.
  4. Smaller models are available with a cutting board top and heat lamps above. The complete carving station will display one roast under the showmanship and safety of the infrared lamps, while down below a second roast can be cooking or just lying in wait. Heated pans can be provided for hot au jus and an electric slicer and portion scale may also be needed.
  5. Instead of one tall cabinet, two half-size units with separate controls can be stacked for further versatility. Roasts can be holding in one while pies are being baked in the other.

Using The Oven

The most common cause of what we loosely term “food poisoning” is the mis-handling of rare roast beef. The use of a meat thermometer is a must to be sure that the internal temperature is at least 145[deg.]. The controls supplied with the commercial convection or slow cook and hold oven are extremely reliable, with more and more use of sophisticated electronic sensors and digital readouts.

For institutional use, central commissaries and larger operations, there is another, relatively new, way to cook roast beef and have it come out on the rare side of doneness that many customers prefer.

This system, approved by the USDA, vacuum packages the roasts. They are lowered into a tank of heated water at a very specific temperature for a pre-determined time and the packages are not allowed to touch each other.

The controls and monitoring equipment mark the time within one minute and the water temperature in the tank does not vary more than one degree. After a 195-minute soak, the internal temperature will be only 128[deg.] F, providing a red and rare roast beef. The process does assure the thermal destruction of common Salmonella, making it safe for human consumption.

After the required cooking time, the hot water is promptly drained from the tank and chilled water is circulated to stop further cooking. The beef has a long storage life. It can be kept for up to three months at about 30[deg.] or, if frozen, it can be held longer.

The tank can process about 1,000 pounds of product at a time and meat processors may also start offering the product. Its slow cooking benefits provide for a tender roast, really rare, and with greater yield. Because it is vacuum packed the roast’s juices stay locked in.

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