Ceiling Fan Maintenance and Repair


Even the best ceiling fans could get broken someday! That’s why you need to know at least something about fixing and maintaining this furniture for the best work in a long period of time. In fact, you can use the maintenance guarantee from the manufacturers or call for help from the professional fixers, but it would cost you a lot. Instead, this is not a difficult job that you can’t do on your own. In this article I will show you some tips and tricks to repair the ceiling fans quickly without the help of any services.

ceiling fan repair

Before you do anything to the ceiling fan, make sure that the power source in your room is off completely. This is very important because anything you do related to the electricity is very dangerous. There are lots of people died of electric shock every day; so the first safety rule when repairing any household appliances is turning off the electric source of the house.

The second one is as important as the first rule: never use the ladder or the stool without someone supporting from the ground. In many cases, you don’t have to remove the ceiling fan completely from the ceiling crossbar because it is very heavy and time consuming. Using a ladder or a tall stool would be a better idea. However, you should not do it without another person holding the ladder for you. This action might be simple and seem over reacted to somebody, but safety first is the best, so you’d better follow the rules before fixing or doing anything else with the ceiling fan or objects hanged up high.

As an engineer, I have some experiences in detecting and handling the problems with many types of kitchen appliances and ceiling fans is not an exception. Below are some common problems with the fan that you might have to encounter someday and how to fix it:

Wobbly fans

There are many reasons for the ceiling fan to be in wobbly condition. One of the most common reasons is about the electrical box. It is an essential part of the fan that holds the whole weight and sticks the ceiling fan to the crossbar. If the electrical box has some errors in the installation process or the box is not secured enough to handle the weight of the ceiling fan, when the fan spins, it will create a wobbly motion and sound badly. Another reason might come from the screws. If you ceiling fan is quite old, they could be loosen therefore make the fan to work incorrectly.

For this situation, we have to detect the causes first, and then handle all of them one by one. If the problem is because of the electrical box, it would take more time to fix completely. Maybe you want to replace the old one with a better one, so you should write down the size as well as some technical figures of the electrical box, so that at the store, you can describe the one you need exactly without wasting too much time. In addition, don’t forget the wires; you should attach them correctly as they used to be, so that the fan can work without being irritated.

Problems with the wires

Sometimes you can’t turn the fan on after some cleaning or tidying, that’s when you should check the wires inside your ceiling fan for sure. But before doing anything, remember to shut the entire electric source down for your own safety.

The functions of wires are indicated by the cover of each type called color code, for example:

  • Green and yellow: The wire connected to the ground or the safety wire
  • Blue: Neutral wire
  • Black or brown: 3 – phase or single phase lines

In each country, the color code is not the same; therefore sometimes the installers can attach the wrong wires. When attaching the wires, you should aware of the wire nuts and wire harnesses. If they are not strong enough, the connection could fall off suddenly. In addition, the malfunction of the ceiling fan could make the wire connections go wrong, so make sure that the attachments of wire inside the electrical box is secured firmly and they can withstand the forces created by the spinning of the ceiling fan.

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