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best headphones under 100

It’s very easy to choose a good headphone for normal use, but choosing and using the best over ear headphones under 100 but still guarantee the perfect quality and sound output is another story just for audiophiles. Somebody would not know these simple rules for sure, but to audiophiles, they are most important rules that must follow strictly to be good at this sound device collecting hobby.

Before going through the article, you should know some basic things about audiophiles and their hobby. Audiophiles are people who are interested in sounds and sound devices such as headphones, speakers and other supporting stuffs like DACs or amplifiers. They have great passion on sound quality and challenge themselves to find as many ways to improve their skills in utilizing and making great sounds as possible.

  1. Headphones have their own values:


Many of you might think that your headphones could not be good after a long time using as a brand new one. The truth is opposite: through time, with the change of some special parts inside the headphones or the speakers as the wood glue or the ear pad, the sound will be changed to a positive way that makes sounds even better. The sounds provided from products which are used for up to hundreds of hour listening are warmer and more detailed according to a brand new one. Therefore, don’t worry if your product doesn’t sound as good as the sample one. Maybe you just don’t use it enough for any evolution often called “burn – in” by audiophiles.

The amount of time needed for “burn – in” process would be varied from very short to very long time, but the average amount of headphones under $100 are around 200 hours for a completed burnt – in headphone.

Remember: The volume while burning – in doesn’t need to be too loud. It can be set a normal rate as when you listen to music. Playing it too loud in every case could spoil the headphone (and also your ears).

  1. Choose the music with highest bitrate.

Bitrate is a term that refers to the amount of data transferred in a certain amount of time. According to the circumstances, the regular unit used for bitrate is Kbit/s and Mbps. No matter which measure unit used, the number of bitrate should be as high as possible, that means high speed or high quality.

listen to music

If you listen to music from PC, try to record the CD under lossless format (no loss data) such as FLAC or ALAC (Apple lossless). When recording CD under MP3 format, the sound quality would be reduced because of some detached information. In contrast, mp3 files in 320 kbps and AAC 256 kbps (buying form iTunes) are also considered qualified for headphones with the prices under 300.

Investing large HDD to store lossless and mp3 with high bitrate is another way to keep up with the future. Day by day, new models of high quality headphones as well as other sound output devices will make the differences between bitrates become apparently.

With most of recently types of smartphones and tablets on the market, you just need to download and save the music in 128 kbps bitrate; files with bitrate of 320kbps or lossless can’t make a huge difference. You just need to use music files with high bitrate if you can equip yourself high – end DACs as output ports for your smartphones or tablets.

Another thing about headphones and music is the compatibility between them. You might have a good headphone model from Beat, but you just love traditional songs. It’s fine if you want to listen to music through that headphone, but headphones like Beat are specially designed for Pop, Dances and EDM music whose bass sounds are very thick while in traditional music, they focus on using mid sounds. Therefore if you could change the product, another headphone from Sony and Yamaha would be better for you. That’s why you have to know the music genres you like before purchasing any products. Audiophiles listen to all kinds of music, and therefore they have dozens of headphones, each one is specialized for a different kind of music. Just keep it up and you would become one of them with the discovery of wonderful land of sound in the future!

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