Your Breakfasts Would Be Amazing With the Toaster Oven


Have you ever heard about the toaster oven? Some of you might have seen it before. It’s definitely a toaster with some functions of an oven with smaller size. The main function of this machine is toasting food with the help of heat and timing, but it can do much more than that! Imagine you can prepare your breakfast for a whole month with just a little machine called toaster oven, and all of them are very mouth – watering that can’t be resisted. In addition, this type of kitchen appliance is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out your best convection toaster oven and get ready to be stuffed with the beautiful and full of nutrition breakfast dishes every day!

best convection toaster oven

Preparations and Equipment

You can’t make anything without preparation. Getting the tools and equipment for the cooking process plays an important part in every meal. Using them in compatible with the toaster oven has a little bit different. You can’t use the same tools as you’re using for the oven because of the difference in size and functions. That’s why we should prepare a new set of tool that is specially used for the toaster oven.

  • Cookie Sheet: The regular sheet for basic ovens can’t fit into the toaster oven, so you have to buy something else that is designed just for the machine. An 8×11 – inch – cookie sheet is going to be perfect for regular size of this type of mini oven.
  • Muffin tins: People often use 12 – muffin – tin because it is the best number of muffin for a family, but with toaster oven, you just can’t put all of them inside. Even the regular 6 – muffin – tin can’t be matched either. You should choose the thin material for the tin so as to reducer the side areas of the muffin tin to put all of them into the toaster oven safely.
  • Bread pan: You probably have seen the size of the regular bread loaf as well as its pan, and it just can’t be put into the toaster oven. It’s a bit larger than the actual internal size of the mini oven. So what do we have to find? The answer is the 10×5 – inch – bread pan for the best compatibility.

Becoming an expert in using the toaster oven might not be as hard as you think. However, this is just the beginning of the challenge. You have more than that to learn!

Let’s Head To The Breakfast With Toaster Oven!

Breakfast with toaster oven

  • The first thing I want to introduce to you is a well – known food from Italia – pizza. Who can resist a mini – sized pizza for breakfast? Most of you might think that pizza is only for lunch, but if we can adjust the amount of ingredients, this dish is definitely the one that we want in the morning before commuting to work. The pizza with eggs and a little bit of vegetables would be a perfect substitution for a traditional English breakfast. In fact, the amount of protein, vitamin and fiber inside a piece of pizza is more than you can imagine and enough to ensure a day full of activities.
  • Combining food rich of protein with nuts and vegetables is a good idea: Before going to work, a sausage with some figs would be the best way to refresh your day. It’s very quick to eat, portable and clean. In addition, the amount of lipid, protein and minerals like Omega – 3, potassium or calcium is very rich in nuts like figs or peanut. And of course, no one can get away from the attraction of a hot sausage and some nuts – a deadly sense of taste.

So you have known some of my best recipes for breakfast using the toaster oven. Of course, this is just a little part that I want to introduce to you before going to the main topic. Cooking with the toaster oven is very quick and fun. As long as you keep trying, your heat and time control competence would be improved greatly and you’ll become a master at no time. Have fun cooking! 

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